The following abstracts explore the life of relationship, the pushing away and pull of desire, connection and the complication that ensues.

Love Language: This series is meant to be viewed as an installation of seamless panels. It tracks the life of relationship over months/years. Constantly shifting well placed words at the start of a new love, we begin to shift our individuality like small puzzle pieces looking for connection. The best relationships, the ones that stand the tests of time can progress through periods of intense passion, days of darkness, periods of separation to cycle back to a renewed love. Others, simply stop to function and the love language is broken.


Life Lines: This installation is meant to be displayed as an acrylic cube of images; like life when tossed in the air like dice, love is in the luck of the throw. Life lines leading a heart to it’s fate and lonely is all that is left behind when the game is over.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION & COMING SOON >Lonely Spaces: Developed to observe what happens when relationship tires, lonely spaces leave relationships vulnerable, poor choices create distance, damage and solitude.






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