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About Jana Curcio:

  • Jana Curcio has been a professional photographer for over 20 years with a BA in Photojournalism
  • Her documentary work has been published in the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News and Detroit Free Press.
  • Jana Curcio’s mixed media art has been on display, at the A Smith Gallery in TX, Sohn Fine Art Gallery in Massachusett’s, PhotoPlace Gallery in Vermont, and The Foundry Gallery in Washington DC.

Contact at janacurcio@gmail.com or call 202-905-3839


  • 2018 Top Ten Finalist in the Soho Photo Gallery International Portfolio Contest
  • 5th Annual Fine Art Photo Awards, Honorable Mention for Woman of Valor
  • The Four Seasons: Spring >Summer> Fall> Winter> Wins at the 12th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards! Selected as a category winner for Fine Art Nudes and additional Honorable Mentions
  • 12th Annual Pollux Award: I Am wins “Best Series” award
  • 2018 International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention for Black Swan and Woman of Valor
  • 2017 Honorable Mention in Visual Arts for the International Mobile Photography & Art Awards
  • 2017 Top Ten Finalist in the Soho Photo Gallery International Portfolio Contest


Each piece is printed on a fine art paper with additional layers of chalk or oil pastels to the final image. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing my work. >> janacurcio@gmail.com >> 202.905.3839




Bird’s Eye View

The Circus


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