Woman of Valor Series

Woman of Valor:

Woman of Valor is a series that is still in progress. The images revolve around the spiritual process of God’s work in our lives as Healer, Giver of Peace, The One Who Sees and the Hope we need to endure. Each piece contains the name of God, found in Hebrew scripture, which the exception of the title piece, Woman of Valor, which is taken from Proverbs 31:10-31. This series is born out of seeking a new way to live in the present, verses a disembodied existence that life often brings. Embedded in each image is symbolism that is personal for me. Aspects of God’s nature are in each scene as an infinite being, able to impart His Spirit, sight, wisdom and ultimately freedom from ourselves and our circumstances. Woman of Valor will continue to be a story of triumph in tribulation, because that is life.

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